• Spectrum is another organization on campus that emphasizes the importance of diversity and sexuality.  Their mission statement combines elements of empowerment and embraces diversity:

The mission of the Alliance is to create a
positive environment at Miami University
for students of all sexualities and to promote
issues of diversity on campus.

Through education, outreach, awareness,
and social opportunities we aim not only
to empower all students, but also celebrate
and embrace everyone within our
community as a whole.

(Spectrum’s MU website)

Spectrum is the group who sponsors National Coming Out Week on campus and who puts on the Drag Shows uptown.


Spectrum at Miami University

Spectrum at Miami University



  • Just last Saturday, November 15, Miami students headed down to City Hall in Cincinnati to join the others protesting California’s Proposition 8.  About 20-30 members of Spectrum and GLBT on campus attended to hear a Miami alumni Barry Floore speak.  The protest was meant to spark the same-sex marriage movement and get it back to the front of the political agenda. 


taken from the Miami Student

taken from the Miami Student





  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans-gender group of Miami University is a very supportive group if you are having trouble coming out.  The website provides tips such as coming out to yourself first, then coming out to your peers.  It presents many resources that could be useful to you and it gives the homosexual community a place to meet and share ideas of promoting homosexuality.


  • Miami is not the typical place where you would find a large homosexual community, but Oxford definitely has its share.  Just last month the Miami Student wrote an article for National Coming Out Day where students could come out to the university in the paper.  Balcony bar then hosted a Drag Show where the proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House.  Despite the small size of the GLBT community at Miami, they are strong and would love your help and support.



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